Coffee Capital 2015 Calendar

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 Let someone less fortunate enjoy a cup of coffee

CoffeeHead is proud to support “Suspended Coffees,” a social movement that involves just one simple act: buying a coffee for someone less fortunate as an anonymous act of charity. In other words, when you order and pay for your own coffee, pay for two. Later, that coffee can be redeemed and enjoyed by someone in need.

How did it start?

The movement was inspired by the the caffe sospeso (“suspended coffee”) tradition that began in Naples, Italy, where someone who had experienced good luck would order a sospeso, paying for two coffees but consuming just one.

In 2013, John Sweeney, a plumber from Ireland, launched the now global movement, Suspended Coffees. After just one year, Suspended Coffees had more than 14,000 supporting cafes, and over 250,000 Facebook followers.

Who is eligible to receive the suspended coffee?

A suspended coffee is for anyone in need: they may be a homeless person, someone with financial difficulties, or even a student or parent who needs a break. We trust that, if someone asks, they are eligible.

For more information about Suspended Coffees, please see


We are very happy to have supported this initiative. A collaboration between Melbourne photographer Sanjeev Singh and STREAT, the Coffee Capital 2015 calendar celebrates Melbourne’s unique and vibrant coffee culture. Designed as a desk top coaster-calendar, its primary aim is to raise funds for the development of STREAT’s new training facility in Collingwood. $5 from every calendar sold will go towards this project.

STREAT is Australia’s only not-for-profit coffee roaster. Every cent from their operation helps support homeless youth via training programs that aim to give them a fresh start in life.

As a thank you, when you present the letter inside the calendar pack, you will be entitled to a free coffee at STREAT or COFFEEHEAD.